Common Issues We See in Vessel Inspections

  • Walking surfaces do not have non-skid
  • Warning is not posted for rotating scanner (RADAR)
  • Wiring is not always secure
  • Light fixtures do not have covers
  • Navigation Charts and Publications are not corrected
  • First Aid kit parts and Eye Wash bottles are expired
  • Bilges are not free of oily waste
  • Hot surfaces and piping are not covered/guarded
  • Watertight closures are not able to be fully secured
  • Hatch dogs are frozen
  • Wet surfaces in heads are covered with rubber backed rugs

Lessons Learned

Button for Port Face Wire Broke Off

Conditions: 25 kt winds, N, Seas 2 to 4 ft

How Could This Have Been Prevented?

Taking more time to thoroughly inspect the vessel. If this was done the crew would have noticed the heavy corrosion between the button and the deck.

Port Engine Stalled

Conditions: 10-15 kt winds, NE, Night

How Could This Have Been Prevented:
Debris in the river got jammed in the port wheel. Due to the dark night it was impossible to see and therefore unavoidable.