TBS will deliver a company-specific Safety Management System (SMS), Health & Safety Plan (HSP) or Towing Safety Management Plan (TSMS) that is compliant with Subchapter M

Services include:

  • TBS SMS/HSP/TSMS System & Revisions
  • TBS Electronic and Paper Record Keeping Revisions
  • Vessel Inspections – each vessel twice a year
  • Helm CONNECT and MobileOps Support
  • HelmCONNECT or MobileOps Software

Tug & Barge Solutions Responsibilities

Tug and Barge Solutions will provide the above services, delivered in accordance with the most up-to-date understanding of current rules and regulations as provided in guidance from federal authorities and the US Coast Guard.

Client Responsibilities

The Company will execute all aspects of the TSMS/HSP for the improvement of its operations’ safety aspects and adherence with applicable laws, regulations, and rules. Performance under the TSMS/HSP is ultimately the responsibility of the Company. Company ownership and/or management will hold staff and vessel crews accountable for all aspects of compliance and conformance under the delivered TSMS/HSP.

The Company agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of Baldwin County, Alabama where Tug and Barge Solutions, Inc. is located.